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Welcome back to another monthly net worth update. January was a pretty good month. We did have a big expense with our cat this month, but the markets made a nice recovery and we were able to increase our net worth.

I decided to pay for a course and learn a new side hustle this month, so I’m excited to see where that leads in the future. I’m sure I’ll write a post about it eventually, and hopefully I’ll have a great new source of income.

I’m thinking about moving our emergency fund out of the 60% bonds/40% stocks account it’s in now with betterment and putting the money into an online savings account. This was the first time we ever had to use our emergency fund, so it’s made me think more seriously about where that money is stored. I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to invest your emergency fund, it’s just a good feeling knowing that the money isn’t going to go down when the market goes down.

With that being said, we can withdraw any money we’ve contributed to our Roth IRA, so worst case scenario, we could use that as a backup emergency fund.

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Monthly Report:

  • Started the month with a net worth of $95,230.92
  • Job income = $3,071.88
  • eBay income = $615.56
  • Wife’s income = $400.00
  • Additional income = $100.00
  • Antique Booth income = $420.00
  • Credit card cashback = $0.00 Currently accumulating travel points. We’ve got 57,973 points at the moment.
  • Total net income = $4,607.46
  • Monthly expenses = $2,815.06 (this doesn’t include the $1,264.31 for Bruce’s vet bill).
  • Total saved = $1,792.40
  • Total investment gains/losses = +$2,145.63

What our net worth consists of:

  • Investments = $34,226.98 (all in Vanguard funds.)
  • Investment breakdown:
  • My 401k = $4,851.66
  • My Roth IRA = $13,362.16
  • Wife’s IRA = $16,013.16
  • Cars = $23,000
  • Home equity = $ 17,317.29 (I’m calculating this as if we could sell our house for $110,000.00 and subtracting 10% for seller fees. Then subtracting what we owe – $81,682.71)
  • Everything we own that could be sold = $15,000
  • Emergency fund = $7,454.64 (Currently in a Betterment 60% stock 40% bonds account.) – We paid for Bruce’s pet vill with the emergency fund in January so that’s why it went down so much.
  • Cash = $719.78
  • Balances on credit cards = $-369.26 (This is today’s balance and will be paid off in full by the due date.)
  • Total net worth as of today’s calculations = $97,349.43
  • Total net worth increase/decrease = +$2,118.51

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personal capital dashboard

So close to breaking that first $100k! Once we’ve gotten significantly over the $100k mark, I’m going to drop some things out of this report. I don’t know if we actually have $15,000 worth of items to sell in our house and eventually I want to only report our investments, cash, and home equity.

Something interesting came up about our house this month. I noticed our Zillow Zestimate had updated to $140,000.00! We bought our house for $95,000.00, so that would be awesome if it has increased this much! I’m still only going to calculate our home equity as if we could sell our house for $110,000.00 though because I don’t really trust Zillow and we would probably need to put a new roof on the house in order to sell it.

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