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Are we seriously in the 4th month of the year already? It’s going by so quick! March was another solid month for our finances. We finally sold our Jeep that we’ve have listed for several months. I’m not sure why it took so long to sell, but I sure am glad I don’t have to answer any more messages on Facebook marketplace about it.

This monthly update is a special one because we’ve officially been tracking our net worth/blogging for a year now! I’ll share how the blog’s doing down below the money report. I’ll also take a look and see how much our net worth increased over the year.

Monthly Report:

  • Started the month with a net worth of $97,349.43
  • Job income = $3,071.88
  • eBay income = $636.51
  • Wife’s income = $780.00
  • Antique Booth income = $141.87
  • Additional income = $0.00
  • Credit card travel points earned for the month = 53,151 (I’m not including the cash value of these points in my net worth, just want to track it). Our total point balance is 116,471.
  • Total net income = $4,615.07
  • Monthly expenses = $2,990.72
  • Business expenses = $868.85 (Haven’t done a good job of including these in past reports. These expenses include purchases of items to sell on eBay or my antique booth, this blog and any other side hustle expenses).
  • Total expenses = $3,859.57
  • Total saved = $755.50
  • Total investment gains/losses = +$1,982.71 (This includes my 401k contributions + employer match).

What our net worth consists of:

  • Investments = $38,425.66 (all in Vanguard funds.)
  • Investment breakdown:
  • My 401k = $7,298.14
  • My Roth IRA = $14,157.76
  • Wife’s IRA = $16,969.77
  • Cars = $12,500 (We finally sold our Jeep this month).
  • Home equity = $ 17,683.84 (I’m calculating this as if we could sell our house for $110,000.00 and subtracting 10% for seller fees. Then subtracting what we owe – $81,499.71)
  • Everything we own that could be sold = $15,000
  • Emergency fund = $7,649.42
  • Cash = $6,940.26
  • Balances on credit cards = $-261.89 (This is today’s balance and will be paid off in full by the due date.)
  • Total net worth as of today’s calculations = $102,237.29
  • Total net worth increase/decrease = +$2,034.18

If you’d like to start tracking your net worth, sign up for a free Personal Capital account! I love Personal Capital because it allows you to connect all of your financial accounts and track your net worth in one place. It’s super easy to use.

personal capital dashboard

Credit cards points

I’ve never really shared with you what credit cards we’ve used to accumulate our current points. I thought it might be helpful to share the list with you. If you sign up for any of these cards using my links, I may earn a commision.

  • Chase Ink Business Preferred. This was the card I got 80,000 points with! I was able to get this card just by using my social security number.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred. This was the next card we went with after the business card. The reward has gotten even better since we got it!
  • Chase Ink Business Cash. This is our current card, but I just hit the sign up bonus so It’s time to get another.
  • Chase Ink Business Unlimited. This is the next card on the list! As you can see, I’m sticking with Chase cards. Chase rewards points are the most flexible, so I’m keeping it simple for now. You can only get 5 Chase cards every 24 months though and that includes any cards held by authorized users on your account. I may not be able to get another Chase card right now due to this rule.

Annual net worth increase

In the first post I ever wrote on this site, I calculated our net worth to be $86,291.00. That means we’ve increased our net worth by $15,946.29. Not bad for a household income of less than $60,000, but there’s room to improve. I’ll be working hard to increase our income this year and maybe we’ll double our savings by next April!

So how’s the blog doing?

12th monthly net worth update

We had over 20,000 visitors visit the dojo and 42,000 page views in our first year. Not as good as some blogs, but not as bad as some either. There was a total of 312 comments (half of those were left by me, so 156 from visitors). Ignore the Adsense revenue, I haven’t had ads on the site for most of the year and just added one to the sidebar recently. 

Top 5 posts:

Pretty much all five of these posts are related to saving money or selling on eBay. I’ll have to keep that in mind with future posts!

Top 5 traffic sources:

  • Facebook – 3,533 views
  • Reddit – 2,771 views
  • Search engines – 2,399 views
  • Twitter – 579 views
  • Collecting Wisdom – 378 views

I think I made the mistake of trying to be everywhere at one time on social media. I’ve decided to really focus in on Facebook and started a group that has been growing nicely. I try to do what I can when it comes to SEO, but I don’t let it affect what/how I write. I’m going to be blogging for years, so I’m sure google will get to know me and spread some love after I’ve been blogging longer.

I’m as motivated as ever to write content for this site and will be working to provide more valuable article for you guys.

I haven’t made any money from the blog yet but I’ll be working on new strategies this year. If I never make a dollar from the blog that’ll be fine, but since it’s possible to earn money from these things, why not give it a shot?

I’m really glad I started writing this blog. I’ve had several people reach out and tell me they’re making money on eBay after reading my posts. At the end of the day, making a positive impact on this world is the goal of this blog.

I hope the dojo continues to grow into a positive place for people to come hang out and train in the art of finance. 

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