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First off, sorry if you clicked on this post yesterday and found a blank screen! I accidentally hit publish while I was editing and to my horror, I didn’t realize until hours later.

If you’ve been following my net worth updates, you’ll notice a big change in this one!

For 13 months, you had to suffer through me just listing everything out in a text format. Well, I’m happy to share with you my new and improved net worth format! It should be a lot easier on the eyes.

I’ve been following other people that share their net worths and noticed some people’s reports were pictures of excel sheets. When I read My Money Wizard’s update this week, I decided it was time I put in the effort to make my report look a little better. I’m not a graphic designer by any means, but at least there’s some color and the format is a lot cleaner!

I also made some changes to what I’m including in this report as well as the value of some of the things. I’ll break that down below the report.

Income/Expense report

14th monthly net worth update

I figured it was time I start breaking down my expenses by category in this report. Maybe doing this will help me spend less in unnecessary categories. I’ll break each spending category down so you have a better picture of what they are.


This is money I give to the church and is a part of my Christian beliefs. The word tithe basically means 10% so that’s the minimum I try to give. I wrote a post on why I believe in tithing a while ago if you’re interested in my opinions on that.


This category includes our mortgage, water bill, power bill, and garbage bill. We pay the garbage bill quarterly so the housing category is a little lower this month. We also did a good job of keeping the heat/air turned off when we didn’t need it, so our power bill was about $90.00. I know that seems high to some of you, but I do work from home so $90.00 is lower than usual.


This category includes our car insurance, gas, and any expense related to our vehicles. We drove a bit more than usual and gas prices are up for the summer, so we spent more than we usually do.


This covers all of our eating expenses. We ate out more than usual this month so hopefully, this will go down in June. We shop at Aldi and Lidl for groceries and they seem to be the cheapest places for where we live!


This covers all of our subscription services and any other random thing that might pop up during the month. I’m a bit disgusted with how much we spent in this category this month. I’ll definitely be cutting some stuff out in the future. This category shouldn’t be more than our housing category.


This category covers all of my purchases for my side hustles. I put a bunch of money into Facebook ads for the blog in April to see if I could get into a premium ad network called MediaVine. Well, I didn’t get accepted, but I did at least get a bunch of new members to my Facebook group! I was hit with some of the Facebook ads bill in May so business expenses should go down quite a bit in June. Sometimes, you have to pay for your education and this month I did just that.

Net worth

14th monthly net worth update

Aren’t these visuals a lot easier to digest than my old reports?

This net worth breakdown is where I made a lot of changes this month. I removed “things we own that we could sell” and I got an accurate valuation for our home equity. I was being way too conservative with it before this! Zillow says our home is worth over $139,000. I took the amount that Zillow says it’s worth, subtracted 10% for seller fees and then subtract the amount left on our mortgage. The difference is how much we have in equity.

I also looked our cars up on Kelley Blue Book and it turns out I was a little high on them in earlier reports. This month, I took the amount that Kelley Blue Book said they were worth and rounded out the price because I would be charging an even amount if we were to sell them.

We had some extra money sitting around from our tax return this month, so I threw a thousand into my Roth IRA. The markets have been going down lately so any accounts that I didn’t contribute to went down a good bit.

The reason we have a bunch of cash is I still haven’t decided what to do with the cash we got from selling our Jeep a couple of months ago. If you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

So, that’s a wrap! I think I’ve got our net worth to reflect it’s true value as closely as I can now. We have a good bit of stuff in our house that we could sell if we had to, but I’ve pretty much gotten rid of everything we aren’t using so we won’t be selling anything soon.

Net worth tracker

If you’d like to start tracking your net worth, sign up for a free Personal Capital account! I love Personal Capital because it allows you to connect all of your financial accounts and track your net worth in one place. It’s super easy to use.

personal capital dashboard

Credit cards points

Since I’m keeping track of everything else, I might as well list out my credit card history. I’m building travel points with credit cars, so any kind of regular expense goes on a card and then I pay it off in full on the due date.

  • Credit card travel points earned for May = 4,534 
  • Total point balance = 124,005. These points are worth about a penny per point in cash, so I could include them in my net worth but I don’t since we’re going to use them for travel instead of cashing them out.

Cards I’ve used so far

  • Chase Ink Business Preferred. This was the card I got 80,000 points with! I was able to get this card just by using my social security number.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred. This was the next card we went with after the business card. The reward has gotten even better since we got it! It was 50,000 points, now it’s 60,000 – after spending $4,000 in 3 months.
  • Chase Ink Business Cash. Our third credit card. Just got the 50,000 point bonus in March after spending $3,000 in 3 months.
  • Chase Ink Business Unlimited. Our current card. We’ll get 50,000 points for spending $3,000 in 3 months.

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