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Welcome back to another monthly net worth report!

Things picked up in the stock market and my investments recovered nicely from falling last month. I’m also happy to report that I got my first check from blogging this month! Apparently, I encouraged a few people to sign up for some credit cards back in April and I received a check for $300 a couple weeks ago. I’m happy to make money this way because I’m just telling people the benefits of using credit cards and hopefully they signed up just to get the credit card points and improve their finances.

I also got a whopping payout of $10 for recommending the eBay bookkeeping software I recently started using. Whoever signed up using my link got a quality product at no additional cost and I made a little bit of money from the company. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing – I recommend products that I use myself and people are able to help me out a little by using the links on this website.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve also added ads to this website. I know the ads interrupt the user experience a bit, but us bloggers put a ton of time into producing content and ads are a great way to make a little money for your blogging efforts. I won’t get paid for another couple of months for the ads, but I should start earning a few hundred a month from now on through ads alone. Although I finally earned some money blogging, I’m still in the hole with blogging expenses. It’s probably going to take a few more months before I actually start making a profit from blogging.

I also just started another antique booth with my dad this week, so hopefully, my antique booth income will rise considerably next month. I had a good month selling things on eBay and I’m getting closer to earning $1,000 a month flipping things in my spare time. It’s really fun to have a few small income streams outside of my day job. I’m going to keep working at them and see just how big of cash flow I can grow them into.

Income/Expense Report

15th monthly net worth update

Our expenses went down a good bit in the food and lifestyle/misc. categories. It’s still not quite as low as I would like, but I’m glad we’re headed in the right direction. Probably 75% of my business expenses this month were related to flipping items. This includes my eBay fees and any purchases I make to buy things to flip. The rest of the business expenses are for this blog.

Net Worth

It’s nice to see mostly green across the board! The stock market is always going up and down, so who knows how long it will continue to go up. I’m kinda surprised we haven’t hit another recession/downturn in the market yet. Honestly, I welcome a stock market crash because the lower stock prices go, the more shares I can get for my money. I won’t be withdrawing any money from these investments for a really long time so if the market crashed, it would be better for me long-term.

I decided to switch my 401k contributions to traditional 401k instead of Roth 401k.  I think it makes sense for me to start taking advantage of the tax benefits of the traditional 401k instead of contributing after-tax money to a Roth. Basically, any money I put into the traditional 401k lowers my taxable income so I don’t have to pay as much in taxes at the end of each year.


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