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Welcome back to another net worth report!

Time to dig into our finances one more time and see how we did last month.

July was an okay month. We didn’t do so well financially, but we have our health and way more than we need, so I can’t complain about anything.

I started a new martial art (jiu jitsu) at the end of June and it has been a fun change from Taekwondo! I didn’t realize how out of shape I am until I started grappling with a bunch of other grown men. I haven’t sweated like this in years! I decided to switch over to jiu jitsu after listening to Jocko Willink’s podcast. He does a good job of convincing you that everyone should be training in jiu jitsu.

If you haven’t listened to Jocko’s podcast, I’d check it out. It’s a great way to get life perspective from someone who has put their life on the line in combat. There’s also a wealth of history and philosy mixed into each episode and Jocko somehow manages to make practicing discpline cool. I think my life is going to improve a lot from listening to his podcast.

Anyways, let’s get to the numbers.

Income/Expense Report

16th monthly net worth update

If a number is in parentheses, that means it’s a negative number. 


We didn’t have a very big income month. I barely did any work on my eBay business, and other than my little antique booth income, we didn’t make any extra besides my day job. With the antique booth, I get paid for the prior month, so I got paid for June’s sales in July. I actually had one of my best months ever in July, so that’ll be something to look forward to on next month’s report!

I did make a little money from running ads on my website in July, but I won’t get paid for another month or two.


July was an expensive month. We got hit with a random bill for over $300 from a collections agency. Apparently my wife had an unpaid medical bill from a few years ago.

We also paid for our next vacation this month. I was able to get free flights (except for taxes) and over $1,100 off of our hotel for 6 nights at an all inclusive resort in Cancun by using travel rewards! Our total expense for this trip will be what you see in the travel category – $1,242.36. Might not be the best travel hack ever, but I’m pretty happy with it for my first time ever using travel points!

Most of my “business” expenses were from buying things to flip. I bought several pieces of furniture to put in my antique booth and that was a few hundred.

Other than that, we spent money on a lot of random things this month. I think I just lost focus and now I’m reseting my brain by doing the money saving challenge in August. When you fall off the wagon, you gotta pick yourself back up and get back to it!

Net worth

So, yeah… Just about red across the board! Oh well, I can’t control the stock market and it took a decent plunge here in the last few days. I’m just wondering when one of these plunges is going to stick around for a couple years. Ever since I started investing, the market has been on an uphill climb and you would think that a correction is going to happen any day now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if everything is back to climbing upwards this time next month though. It’s an interesting thing to keep our eyes on.


personal capital dashboard

I wiped out all of our points in July when I used them for the flights and hotel stay. It’s back to starting from scratch!

  • 665 
  • 665 


I gotta get us on another credit card! I tried to sign up for one using my wife’s name, but apparently, she didn’t have enough credit to qualify. Need to build her credit so we can start using her name for Chase cards since they have their 5/24 rule.

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