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Well, July went by blazingly fast! I’ve been so busy with work, reselling on eBay, learning about travel hacking, planning a trip to Costa Rica, and reading about finance. Therefore, I only managed to create three posts this month. I’ll try to get more active in the coming months but I’m planning on going back to school so that might eat away at blog writing time.

Not much changed this month as far as our income. My wife received a letter in the mail informing her she had an unclaimed check from 2015 so that was a nice unexpected boost. My eBay business didn’t do any better this month than last month but I’m working on building it.

Monthly Report

  • Started the month with a net worth of $94,905.14
  • Regular income = $2,810.31
  • eBay income = $370.96 (this is profit after $707.96 of expenses.)
  • Additional income = $848.86
  • Total Investment gains = $1,980.04 (Includes my 401k contributions.)
  • Cashback from credit cards = $35.11 (I’m switching from cashback cards to travel rewards, so I’ll start tracking how many points I pile up in the future.)
  • Total income = $6,045.28
  • Total expenses = $2,478.60
  • Total saved = $3,566.70

What our net worth consists of:

  • Investments = $31,392.36 (all in Vanguard funds.)
  • Cars = $23,000
  • Home equity = $16,270.80 (I’m calculating this as if we could sell our house for $110,000.00 and subtracting 10% for seller fees. Then subtracting what we owe – $82,769.20)
  • Everything we own that could be sold = $15,000
  • Emergency fund = $8,719.07 (Currently in a Betterment 60% stock 40% bonds account.)
  • Cash = $3,386.93
  • Balances on credit cards = $-1,020.29 (This is today’s balance and will be paid off in full by the due date.)
  • Total net worth as of today’s calculations = $96,748.87

If you’d like to start tracking your net worth, sign up for a free Personal Capital account! I love Personal Capital because it allows you to connect all of your financial accounts and track your net worth in one place. It’s super easy to use.

personal capital dashboard

August just might be the month we hit orange belt status! I transferred my wife’s IRA from Wells Fargo to Vanguard this month and that’s going to save us a lot of money over the years. It’s important to know how much your investment fees are because they really add up.

So, my eBay expenses were quite high this month. Most of the expenses were from purchasing items to resell, not fees.  I’m currently allowed to list only 190 items (a story for another post) therefore, my inventory has been piling up. My sales should skyrocket once I’m able to list more.

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