Financial independence is when you have enough money coming in from investments to cover your expenses. If you plan on retiring at some point in your life, you’re pursuing financial independence. Why not try to speed up the process?

The Ultimate Guide To Retire By 40 On $40k

Have you ever thought you'd like to retire by 40 but don't know if it's possible? With the abundance of wealth we have today, it's actually quite possible to retire at a young age! This post was written by Cashflow Cop - a blogger from the UK. It's a very detailed guide, but after reading it, you'll have all [...]

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Being Homeschooled May Help Me in Early Retirement

Yep, I was an awkward homeschooler growing up. I did all 12 years of school at home and probably 80% of my college classes online. I always wanted to go to school when I was a kid, but looking back on it, I’m thankful I didn’t. Where you go to school seems to be what makes up most of [...]

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How We Reached a Net Worth of $100k at Age 25

A lot of people work their entire lives and never even have $10k in savings. Not my wife and I. We recently got our net worth up over the $100k mark and are looking to hit $200k as quickly as possible! I don’t say that to brag - if we can do it, just about anyone can. We just [...]

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Our Financial Accomplishments for 2018

2018 flew by faster, it seems, than any other year I’ve spent in this world. Probably because I was busier than I’ve ever been. While I enjoyed the new things I got into last year, I’m going to focus on slowing things down a bit in 2019. I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to slow down, but [...]

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The Similarities Between FIRE and Full-Time Flipping

In this journey to become a millionaire, I’ve opted to use eBay as a way to boost my income. At first, I thought I was going to use eBay as a way to make a few extra thousand a year. After doing a deep dive into the eBay seller community, I realized there are a lot of people out [...]

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My Financial Independence Plan

So, I was sitting around the other day thinking about what my next post should be about and something hit me. I’ve been writing about financial independence (FI) for the past few months and haven’t even told you my personal financial independence plan! I’ve let you down as your financial sensei. All good leaders lead by example so it’s [...]

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Welcome to Millionaire Dojo

Hello, and welcome to Millionaire Dojo! Did you know most Americans have the potential to become millionaires? It takes a lot of hard work, but that's exactly what we're going to be doing here, working our way to a million dollars. Growing your net worth to a million will take a lot of discipline and focus, kinda like getting [...]

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