The what sells on eBay series documents everything I sell each month. Selling on eBay has become my favorite side hustle and I’m doing my best to grow my income with it.

What Sells on eBay: December 2018

Welcome back to the what sells on eBay series. December was another good month with it being the holidays. Although I'm not really selling things that might qualify as good Christmas gifts, I still sold a good bit of items. I made a mistake on one of the orders and shipped the item to the wrong address. I still [...]

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What Sells on eBay: November 2018

Welcome back to the what sells on eBay series! It's the holiday season which means it's the best time of year to sell on eBay. I sold the same amount of items in November as I did in October, but I made a good bit more. Since we were in Costa Rica for a week, I wasn't able to [...]

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What Sells on eBay: October 2018

Welcome back to the what sells on eBay series! October was a decent month. It’s the start of the busiest season on eBay, so if you have any items you need to list, get them up ASAP! We should only see sales rise until the end of the year so now’s the time to make the most money. I [...]

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What Sells on eBay: September 2018

Welcome to the new, What Sells on eBay series! I'll be sharing everything that sold in my eBay store over the past month and how much money I made from it. I figured I would take my readers along with me on my trash panda journeys and show what I scavenge and successfully sell. You'll notice that I sell [...]

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How To Make Money On eBay

Since starting this blog, I’ve been tracking how much I profit from selling items on eBay. I’m only tracking things I’ve purchased to flip and not items that I already owned. In the past month, I’ve made an extra $221 ($426.43 if you include things I already owned) and it looks like I’ll be getting close to $1,000 in [...]

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