The what sells on eBay series documents everything I sell each month. Selling on eBay has become my favorite side hustle and I’m doing my best to grow my income with it.

What Sells on eBay: September 2018

Welcome to the new, What Sells on eBay series! I'll be sharing everything that sold in my eBay store over the past month and how much money I made from it. I figured I would take my readers along with me on my trash panda journeys and show what I scavenge and successfully sell. You'll notice that I sell [...]

October 9th, 2018|10 Comments

How To Make Money On eBay

Since starting this blog, I’ve been tracking how much I profit from selling items on eBay. I’m only tracking things I’ve purchased to flip and not items that I already owned. In the past month, I’ve made an extra $221 ($426.43 if you include things I already owned) and it looks like I’ll be getting close to $1,000 in [...]

May 22nd, 2018|6 Comments