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Hello all, I’m excited to announce my first guest posting! Pauline over at reach financial independence graciously let me share a post with her audience on managing money with a martial arts mindset.

Here’s a bit of the post

As a young child, I developed a fascination with martial arts. I would watch Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies all day and start practicing some of the techniques I learned on my siblings. I also developed a habit for saving money at a young age. At age 15, I finally stepped up and began to train in martial arts for real. Now that I’ve been training for several years, I see that there are lots of areas in life that training in martial arts can improve. Let’s talk about the benefits of thinking about your finances with a martial arts mindset.

A true martial artist knows they’re training is never complete. This is how we should go about our finances. There will always be something we can do to save, earn more, or invest in a smarter way. If Warren Buffett is still looking for ways to improve financially, you should too.

One of the most important keys to becoming a successful martial artist is to develop discipline. This is also one of the most important keys in becoming successful with money. How much money you make is not as important as how much you save. To not spend your money and let it sit in an account, accumulating interest, takes more discipline than most people can handle. You have to rewire your brain to realize you can still have a good life, without all the stuff that is being advertised to you every day. Science shows that buying material things doesn’t really make us happy. If you base your happiness off of how much you own, you probably need to rethink your priorities and gain some discipline to not spend everything you make.

I’m proud of this one! I’d appreciate it if you head over to her site and check it out here!


– Nathan

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